Saturday, November 7, 2009

Enlightenment: It's Not What You Think!

Thinking makes duality.

Thinking *IS* duality.

Non-duality is reality.

How so?

Here's an excerpt from The Stanzas On Vibration by Mark S.G. Dyczkowski (original text written in Sanskrit, in 11th century Kashmir), which outlines it all quite nicely:

"True enough, God and the individual soul are one in the state that arises when the latter makes contact with his own innate power. Even so, he is subject to the "impurity of attachment" which gives rise to the notion "I am the body", etc., in the sense that it is born along with him, when consciousness contracts down from the universal level.

It is due to this impurity that he is full of desire, greedy for a few short moments of fleeting happiness, and thus rendered helpless in the action he takes in order to gain those objects that are the means to it.

He is, in other words, poor in power, for although he may wish to, he cannot achieve his goal.

Such a person's supreme state, the absolute, beyond which there is nothing higher, would manifest according to its true nature, the moment the disruption of the negative effect of Maya, that is, egoity that takes its support from the conditioned body, etc., ceases and is destroyed.

It melts away like a heap of snow by comi
ng into contact with the light of the sun of the authentic ego that transcends all fictitious supports."

It's not a matter of "attaining enlightenment" ... it's a matter of ceasing the making-up of unenlightenment.

The wholeness of awareness is original.

Only the ongoing reinforcement of the conceptual conditioning of duality can make it seem otherwise.

Please see the Recommended Resource Sites list on the right-hand side of the screen, for some excellent resources that can help you know actual enlightenment in your own life.

Enlightenment is real.

Enlightenment is all that's real.

Liberation is real.

Liberation isn't special, or exotic or supernatural.

But it is liberation.

And it is how consciousness actually operates, once the veils of conceptual conditioning have dissolved.

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