Friday, November 27, 2009

Run! It's an Egorilla!! This Way!! Within Here!! Enlightenment is the Only Escape!!

Passionate Enlightenment blogger and all-around enlightened guy Wayne Wirs just posted this helpful gorillastration on his blog:

"Once upon a time a young gorilla left her baby alone for only a moment and a wolf came along and ate her baby. The mother gorilla was terribly heart-broken and filled with remorse. A few days later, still in mourning, the gorilla came upon a softly glowing orb laying on the forest floor. 

Plagued with guilt and a strong maternal instinct, she promptly adopted the radiant orb. 24-hours a day she held it tightly in her arms, protecting it from all dangers. She nurtured the orb, and gave it anything that she thought it might desire. Never again would she leave her new baby! When she saw danger (or even thought about danger), she would hug the orb tightly to her breast and flee into the forest. 

When she saw another gorilla with something she thought her orb might want, she would howl and scream and slap at the other gorilla until it relinquished it.

Though it was constantly tugged and pulled and jostled about in all directions by the mother gorilla’s actions, the orb continued to glow serenely.

You of course, are the softly glowing orb. An orb in which a giant, 900-pound, deranged, psychotic, and over-protective mother gorilla has adopted.

A gorilla that has you completely enshrouded in her arms–smothering you, blocking your radiant light

All because she cares too much.

Even though you want nothing, she is constantly trying to acquire new and exciting things for you.

Even though you fear nothing, she is constantly trying to protect you from imaginary dangers.

She is smothering you. She is choking off your life force.

See the gorilla. Feel her. Recognize when she is pulling and tugging and jostling you. See her clearly and you’ll soon be free of her.

You are not the gorilla.

You are the orb. 

You always have been."

How does this story fit in with the theme of this blog? Very simply: the only Advaita (Non-Duality) that truly matters .... is the Advaita in your own experiencing.

All of the illustrations, and pointers to the advaitic teachings of various spiritual systems can be useful .... but only if they're used to help you escape the psycho-mama gorilla ... rather than to feed her.

PS- The gorilla in the image at the top of this post .... kinda scary, huh? You know *why* that gorilla is baring its fangs in that manner? Rage? Dominance? Battle? Nope. *Yawning*. Things are not always as they seem .............

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christian Enlightenment

What if Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Christianity & Advaita were all maps to the same truth?

What if an enlightened teacher articulated the way there, and the experience of actual enlightenment, self-realization and Christ-consciousness ... drawing elegantly and eloquently from all these traditions?

It might look a lot like ..... this (the Sophian Gnosticism forum, and the teachings of author Tau Malachi, author of Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, and other Gnostic Christian Kabbalah texts).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Interesting Dialog on Enlightenment

An interesting dialog on enlightenment (its true nature, and experience), at the AYP (Advanced Yoga Practices) Forum (I'm Kirtanman, there).

Non-Dual Sages of HINDUISM

All of the world's wisdom traditions have produced, and do produce the condition of living consciously from inherent fulfilled awareness, aka enlightenment.

However, if you're not familiar with non-dual teachings, aka advaita ("non-dual" in Sanskrit), it might be a bit difficult to discern "who's who".

And so, I'm going to be providing a series of posts with links to the great non-dual sages from each wisdom tradition.

In this post, I'm providing links to the non-dual sages of India/Hinduism.

These are the sages, gurus and teachers you can trust to (literally) tell it like it is; no dogma, no doctrine ... just esoteric symbolism (if any), and/or straightforward statements, to guide you to the experiencing of how consciousness actually operates, and thereby, to be able to experience enlightenment in your own life.

Adi Shankaracharya
India, 8th Century
Founding guru of Advaita Vedanta

Kashmir, 10th Century
Leading guru of non-dual Trika Shaivism

Ramana Maharshi
Arunachala, 20th Century
Non-dual sage

Nisargadatta Maharaj
Maharashtra, 20th Century
Non-Dual Sage, best known for the book I AM THAT

Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Tamil Nadu, 21st Century
Non-Dual Paramahamsa

Please Note: if you are not at all familiar with the essence of Hinduism and advaitic philosophy, you may want to start with Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

There's Something FISHY About ALL THIS!! (The Advaitic Miracle of The Vesica Piscis)

"De-Fractured Fairy Tales" .... or the Sacred Geometry of Genesis, "times One" ... the Advaitic miracle of the Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis is one of the most simple, elegant, and geometrically (not to mention gematrically - the mystical letter-number system of the Kabbalah) sophisticated consciousness symbols ever created ... and one of the most mysteriously global.

Known primarily in Christianity and Western esoteric traditions, the Vesica Piscis is also popular under a different name, in the Advaitic yogic-tantric traditions of India:

Vesica Piscis literally means "bladder of a fish" (a fitting name, considering the image, above .... and one strangely reminiscent of the Sanskrit term matsyodara ... "fish belly" ... which gave name to the famous guru Matsyendranath).

"In his monumental work Tantraloka, Abhinavagupta cryptically refers to the term matsyodara:

'On the level of the highest kundalini is the emissional power which is beautiful because it contains within itself the vibration; there the yogin should repose in the condition of the belly of the fish.'"

Source: The Alchemical Body : Siddha Traditions in Medieval India by David Gordon White

The following excerpt outlining the embedding of the Vesica Piscis into the Torah (Bereshith), aka the Old Testament (Genesis), along with the unified field of awareness to which it points, was published originally at

"We can consider, for example, a Vesica Piscis - one of the most important figures in sacred geometry. A vesica with a width of 26 - IHVH (the Creator), has a height of 45, which is the gematria value of the man he created ADM - Adam. The difference between God and man is 45 - 26 = 19. This is the value of the woman created as a companion for Adam, ChVH - 'Eve'. In this way the sacred vesica defines the relationship between the Creator and mankind. 

God's primal act of creation is encapsulated by the first verse of Genesis. The Hebrew words here - BRAShITh BRA ALHIM ATh HShMIM VATh HARTz - have a value of 2701. Among the many interesting properties of this number is the fact that it comprises the sum of 26 squared (676) and 45 squared (2025) - hence the combination of God and Adam. This means that the 26 by 45 rectangle enclosing the vesica of creation has a diagonal of the square root of 2701. 

In addition to this, the circle within which the rectangle may be precisely drawn has a circumference of 163, and by this means can symbolise that which was created: AaVLM HZH - 'This World'. It is also a fact that the area of the rectangle is equal to that of a square with a perimeter of 139: the value of - GN ALHIM - the Garden of Eden. Furthermore, the difference between 2025 and 676, gives the value of GN ALHIM when the final letters N and M are counted high - 1349. At the same time, the area of the rectangle is equal to that of a circle with a radius of 19 - ChVH - Eve.

There are unfathomable mysteries in the gematria of Genesis and this but a gleam from the crest of the tip of a very large iceberg."

Why is this important?

Because it highlights the reality that one of the best-known symbols of both Christianity and esoteric mysticism, was encoded into the original Torah, aka the Old Testament of the Bible, in a manner that inescapably illustrates the reality that the symbolism of God and Man, of Adam and Eve, and of the relationship between God and the single couple represented by Adam and Eve .... was never intended to be be understood as anything other than facets of a single, non-dual awareness-self.

Wholly Moses! The View From Atop Mt. Spine-I

And so, it came to pass that Moses-self reached the top of Mount Spine-I, where God-self invited him to enjoy the One Serving Suggestion (Knowing Self = Creating Liberation) ... divided into ten bite-sized pieces .... one each for the ten sefirot-chakras of the Tree of Life ... the One Tree in the Garden, the human Central Nervous System ... mistaken for two trees of a very different type when Adam-Eve  .. cursed him-her-self with a wicked case of spectacular double-vision ("Silly First Person, there can't be duality, there can only be conception of duality ...!").

Am I making this up?

Not exactly.

There's a lot of Gematrically enticing evidence to support my hypotheses ... especially the God-self = Moses-self aspect(s).

Much of the rest, too ... but that'll have to be a topic, or set of them for another post-or-few .... or your own "random Googling" ... try keywords kabbalah gematria .... followed by whatever Biblical symbolism you'd like to know about ... Adam and Eve, snake, satan, moses, sinai, egypt, red sea, etc. etc. etc. ... and see what you get. If that doesn't yield results you like, or that you feel are comprehensive enough, you can always mix it up by adding the word Hebrew into the keywords.

And this site makes an excellent jumping-off point (if nothing else, it'll give you a ton of other useful search terms, to dig into the ultra-sophisticated user's guide for realized consciousness, that the Torah/Bible (Old Testament) actually is, originally.

And now ... back to the future-now of our God-Self/Moses-Self symbolism ....

Very simple.

When Moses-self asked God-self for God-self's name, God-self replied (and I quote) ...



AHIH AshR AHIH, as any Gematria student knows, or can find out in about three minutes ("Google is our friend" ...) ... adds up to:


... as opposed to Moses (aka MSh, unified awareness .... Mem-Shin ... Water-Fire) ... which adds up to ...


You see?


Like a .... mirror ..... the self of unified awareness (Water represents objective consciousness; fire represents subjective consciousness; the six-pointed star represents awareness, unified ... the Heart of the Self) .... meeting creating its creator-self creating itself ....



... the number of Mashiach; Messiah ... the manifested union of Water (Mem) and Fire (Shin).

... the holy whole being wholly whole, now.

PaRaDiSe Regained: The Brilliant Kabbalah-Key to the Non-Dual Bible

Yes, you read correctly.

Non-dual Bible.

As you may have heard, much of the allegedly applicable story starts in Paradise.

What you may not have heard is that Paradise is an acrostic (where each Hebrew letter, PRDS .. represents a word), pointing to the same three-in-one-in-all model of consciousness encoded in all the great sacred writings of the world.

In the Hindu/Tantric/Yogic traditions, this same model of consciousness is symbolized by AUM. (including the dot " . ", the point or bindu, indicating infinite original eternal silent awareness now), and the four levels of speech (Kashmir Shaivism) -- Paravak, Pasyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari.

Kashmir Shaivism also has the four spheres, or anda in Sanskrit (Shakti, Maya, Prakriti, Prthivi), as the Kabbalah, the mystical/esoteric (yogic) path within Judaism has the four worlds:

Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, Assiyah

Emanation, Creation, Formation, Action

... which bring us right back to Paradise.

PaRaDiSe .... Orchard ... or ... Garden ... in Hebrew.

Also, a potentially infinitely helpful mnemonic:

PaRaDiSe ... PRDS (Hebrew) ....


Allegorical/Intellectual (first level of metaphor)
Exposition (deeper level of metaphor)
Secret (inner intuitive understanding)

Here's an excellent overview of PRDS from respected Gnostic Christian Kabbalah author, Tau Malachi, at the Sophian Fellowship Forum.

And, no, of course ... it's not like every word of the Bible is encoded with a sophisticated schema of four perfectly interlacing and complementary levels of wisdom pointing to how consciousness actually operates.

It's like every syllable of the Bible is encoded with a sophisticated schema of four perfectly interlacing and complementary levels of wisdom pointing to how consciousness actually operates, supported by Gematria, the one-corresponding-number-for-each-letter schema, wherein the three-in-one-in-all model is formulated with a level of sophistication and elegance that causes the modern mind to drop its conceptual jaw in awe ... and realize that maybe "advanced in external technology" .... doesn't always mean "advanced".

The Hebrew Aleph-Beyt consists of:

27 letters (22 primary, 4 final)
9 representing the Archetypal
9 representing the Existential
9 representing the Cosmic/Supernal

If you're interested, check out this hypertext index of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, offering a detailed overview of the sophistication of the letter-number symbolism, utilized to encode the entire (originally Hebrew) Torah ... aka the Old Testament of the Bible.

Just how deep and sophisticated is this letter-number symbolism of Hebraic sacred science?

Deep and sophisticated.

And I understand ..... for some rational minds ... equating deep and sophisticated with:

"In the beginning God created heaven and earth" ... is a bit of a stretch.

And rightfully so, considering that ""In the beginning God created heaven and earth" is an utter mistranslation.

The original Hebrew reads:

"Bereshyt Barah Elohim et Ha Shamaim Vay et Ha Eretz"

To begin to get how deeply and fully the original Hebrew points to the actual operation of consciousness, click on the link, above (the word Bereshyt).

And, if you want to go all the way into the rabbit hole ... and/or be catapulted right *out* of the matrix ... click here.


(from "The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah", linked above) 

"With this understanding of the basic geometric processes involved in the construction of the circle and the hexagram, we should be better able to appreciate the geometric descriptions of creation in the Zohar. At the start of the section called Bereshit, the progression from point, through line, to circle, and then to the marking of radial arc points, is described in relation to the first processes of creation: 

"The Most Mysterious struck its void, and caused its point to shine. This 'beginning', then extended, and made for itself a palace for its honor and glory...

... From this point onwards, Bara Shith -- he created six."


Six directions; the cube of space defined by the field of original unified awareness.

Six days ... three points comprising the basis of a triangle pointing up ... fire ... shin; three points comprising the basis for a triangle pointing down ... water ... mem.

And the seventh ... the original, the first ... Aleph; spirit, pure creative awareness, resting in eternal repose at the center ... at the heart of it all.

The two triangles united, forming a six-pointed star .... the Star of David (DVD, Dalet Vav Dalet ... two formerly-resisting facets of consciousness, unified and harmonized by the life-force, Vav, the "copulative principle" as Kabbalistic sages would have it); the satkona in Hinduism and tantric/yogic traditions.

The union of Shiva and Shakti in Hinduism and related yogic/tantric traditions, such as Kashmir Shaivism.

The union of Yahweh (YHVH) and Elohim (ELHM) in Kabbalistic Judaism.

In Genesis, there is a perplexing line:

"Let us go down and make man in our image."

... causing the myopically monotheistic to wonder aloud: "who is God talking to?"

... which is only too easy to understand, when it's learned that Elohim is a feminine noun, with a masculine plural ending .... as in:

Not that many decades ago, a woman married to a Mr. John Smith would be known as Mrs. John Smith ... her identity subsumed in the identity of her husband.

Somehow, the relationship between male and female principles became twisted to represent woman as "less than", because of this "subsumed identity" ... whereas in ancient times, the Goddess acted, literally, as the very power of the God ... She arises from him; She is His emanation.

His Shakti; his very power; his capability.

Or, as Hebrew has it .... his Shekinah.

The true power of which all shines very clearly in any language, once it's seen that there's only One Awareness.

"Let us go down and make man in our image" ...

... "let this unified awareness magnify this light throughout the full field as awareness now" ....

It's never been about simplistic fairy tales, or pissed-off old guys in the sky.

It's all and only about this one awareness we each and all are ever-emanating as, now, really.

Enlightenment: It's Not What You Think!

Thinking makes duality.

Thinking *IS* duality.

Non-duality is reality.

How so?

Here's an excerpt from The Stanzas On Vibration by Mark S.G. Dyczkowski (original text written in Sanskrit, in 11th century Kashmir), which outlines it all quite nicely:

"True enough, God and the individual soul are one in the state that arises when the latter makes contact with his own innate power. Even so, he is subject to the "impurity of attachment" which gives rise to the notion "I am the body", etc., in the sense that it is born along with him, when consciousness contracts down from the universal level.

It is due to this impurity that he is full of desire, greedy for a few short moments of fleeting happiness, and thus rendered helpless in the action he takes in order to gain those objects that are the means to it.

He is, in other words, poor in power, for although he may wish to, he cannot achieve his goal.

Such a person's supreme state, the absolute, beyond which there is nothing higher, would manifest according to its true nature, the moment the disruption of the negative effect of Maya, that is, egoity that takes its support from the conditioned body, etc., ceases and is destroyed.

It melts away like a heap of snow by comi
ng into contact with the light of the sun of the authentic ego that transcends all fictitious supports."

It's not a matter of "attaining enlightenment" ... it's a matter of ceasing the making-up of unenlightenment.

The wholeness of awareness is original.

Only the ongoing reinforcement of the conceptual conditioning of duality can make it seem otherwise.

Please see the Recommended Resource Sites list on the right-hand side of the screen, for some excellent resources that can help you know actual enlightenment in your own life.

Enlightenment is real.

Enlightenment is all that's real.

Liberation is real.

Liberation isn't special, or exotic or supernatural.

But it is liberation.

And it is how consciousness actually operates, once the veils of conceptual conditioning have dissolved.