Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wholly Moses! The View From Atop Mt. Spine-I

And so, it came to pass that Moses-self reached the top of Mount Spine-I, where God-self invited him to enjoy the One Serving Suggestion (Knowing Self = Creating Liberation) ... divided into ten bite-sized pieces .... one each for the ten sefirot-chakras of the Tree of Life ... the One Tree in the Garden, the human Central Nervous System ... mistaken for two trees of a very different type when Adam-Eve  .. cursed him-her-self with a wicked case of spectacular double-vision ("Silly First Person, there can't be duality, there can only be conception of duality ...!").

Am I making this up?

Not exactly.

There's a lot of Gematrically enticing evidence to support my hypotheses ... especially the God-self = Moses-self aspect(s).

Much of the rest, too ... but that'll have to be a topic, or set of them for another post-or-few .... or your own "random Googling" ... try keywords kabbalah gematria .... followed by whatever Biblical symbolism you'd like to know about ... Adam and Eve, snake, satan, moses, sinai, egypt, red sea, etc. etc. etc. ... and see what you get. If that doesn't yield results you like, or that you feel are comprehensive enough, you can always mix it up by adding the word Hebrew into the keywords.

And this site makes an excellent jumping-off point (if nothing else, it'll give you a ton of other useful search terms, to dig into the ultra-sophisticated user's guide for realized consciousness, that the Torah/Bible (Old Testament) actually is, originally.

And now ... back to the future-now of our God-Self/Moses-Self symbolism ....

Very simple.

When Moses-self asked God-self for God-self's name, God-self replied (and I quote) ...



AHIH AshR AHIH, as any Gematria student knows, or can find out in about three minutes ("Google is our friend" ...) ... adds up to:


... as opposed to Moses (aka MSh, unified awareness .... Mem-Shin ... Water-Fire) ... which adds up to ...


You see?


Like a .... mirror ..... the self of unified awareness (Water represents objective consciousness; fire represents subjective consciousness; the six-pointed star represents awareness, unified ... the Heart of the Self) .... meeting creating its creator-self creating itself ....



... the number of Mashiach; Messiah ... the manifested union of Water (Mem) and Fire (Shin).

... the holy whole being wholly whole, now.

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