Friday, November 27, 2009

Run! It's an Egorilla!! This Way!! Within Here!! Enlightenment is the Only Escape!!

Passionate Enlightenment blogger and all-around enlightened guy Wayne Wirs just posted this helpful gorillastration on his blog:

"Once upon a time a young gorilla left her baby alone for only a moment and a wolf came along and ate her baby. The mother gorilla was terribly heart-broken and filled with remorse. A few days later, still in mourning, the gorilla came upon a softly glowing orb laying on the forest floor. 

Plagued with guilt and a strong maternal instinct, she promptly adopted the radiant orb. 24-hours a day she held it tightly in her arms, protecting it from all dangers. She nurtured the orb, and gave it anything that she thought it might desire. Never again would she leave her new baby! When she saw danger (or even thought about danger), she would hug the orb tightly to her breast and flee into the forest. 

When she saw another gorilla with something she thought her orb might want, she would howl and scream and slap at the other gorilla until it relinquished it.

Though it was constantly tugged and pulled and jostled about in all directions by the mother gorilla’s actions, the orb continued to glow serenely.

You of course, are the softly glowing orb. An orb in which a giant, 900-pound, deranged, psychotic, and over-protective mother gorilla has adopted.

A gorilla that has you completely enshrouded in her arms–smothering you, blocking your radiant light

All because she cares too much.

Even though you want nothing, she is constantly trying to acquire new and exciting things for you.

Even though you fear nothing, she is constantly trying to protect you from imaginary dangers.

She is smothering you. She is choking off your life force.

See the gorilla. Feel her. Recognize when she is pulling and tugging and jostling you. See her clearly and you’ll soon be free of her.

You are not the gorilla.

You are the orb. 

You always have been."

How does this story fit in with the theme of this blog? Very simply: the only Advaita (Non-Duality) that truly matters .... is the Advaita in your own experiencing.

All of the illustrations, and pointers to the advaitic teachings of various spiritual systems can be useful .... but only if they're used to help you escape the psycho-mama gorilla ... rather than to feed her.

PS- The gorilla in the image at the top of this post .... kinda scary, huh? You know *why* that gorilla is baring its fangs in that manner? Rage? Dominance? Battle? Nope. *Yawning*. Things are not always as they seem .............

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