Friday, October 23, 2009

Abhinavagupta In The News!

Here's a comment (below) I made to a post by Matt Browner Hamlin on Huffingtonpost, discussing the "fundamentalist atheism" of author Christopher Hitchens.

That post (linked above) points out that certain spiritual systems, such as the non-dual Kashmir Shaivism of Abhinavagupta, are every bit as scientific or more so than so-called "modern science".

I wholeheartedly concur, per my comment below.


Excellent article. Kudos on the mention of Kashmir Shaivism and Abhinavagupta. There is actually no conflict between science and religion; there is only misunderstanding between mistaken understanding of science and mistaken understanding of religion. Fundamentalist scientists are as blinded by their prejudices as fundamentalists of the religious persuasion are by theirs. Scientists claim to be interested only in reality … but so do religious adherents. However, as soon as a fundamentalist of any variety runs up against information their prejudices won’t allow them to consider … their prejudice wins by default, and the blindness remains. As you likely know, Kashmir Shaivism is much more a template than a specific system; any aspect of the consciousness-reality spectrum fits neatly within it. And, as with all other yogic/tantric disciplines, Kashmir Shaivism has a basis for verification that even science can’t match: the replicable experiencing of anyone who cares to test its premises for themselves. Good job; thank you for this post … I never expected to see Abhinavagupta make the news!

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