Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Does Mystical Mean?

A lot of us have heard the terms mystical, esoteric, occult and mystery tradition ... but what do they actually mean? Basically, they're analogous to "yogic" - and they mean: experiential -- they mean that the given tradition is about practice, as opposed to belief; about doing the things that will give a person the experience of that which is discussed in sacred writings.

Esoteric simply means "inner", as opposed to exoteric (about outer form, churches, temples, books, organizations, clergy, etc.).

Occult simply means "hidden" ... hidden because it's "inner", which is the last place people tend to look ... despite nearly every spiritual tradition emphasizing the need for this, repeatedly ("Be still and know that I am God", "The kingdom of Heaven is within you", "Know the truth and the truth will set you free", etc.)

Ultimately, every sacred tradition teaches about one thing, at essence: how consciousness actually operates, and how to enjoy its fulfillment.

Could this possibly be true?

You might want to find out.

Is it worth the effort?

It's worth everything.

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