Friday, January 1, 2010

Advaitic Salvation

Dualistic religion is the exception; advaitic spiritual science is original.

Can I prove this?


You can prove it to yourself, though, in your own experience.

I just help point out where you make a start, if you wish.

Here's a nice comparison of the distinction between the two approaches .... and why Advaitic paths are all about experience, whereas religion is about mental prejudice ... belief ... which actually blocks the experiencing of the freedom the religion purports to offer.

Does this mean religion is bad?

Not in any way; religion can provide salvation ....... provided you are willing to understand ... to know ... what salvation actually is ... and religion's place in it.

Salvation comes from the Greek root SLV, which comes from the Sanskrit SRV ... Sarva ... "whole, entire". The connection becomes even more clear when one recalls that a "salve" helps to "heal" ... to make whole; entire.

Salvation is nothing more, nor less, than the restoration of the awareness of original wholeness .... Advaita.

Religion is a map, the symbols of which can help you get from where you are now .... to the freedom beyond imagination of true salvation.


Carson said...

Great post Doug....I always enjoy learning about the "roots" from you. May you continue to abide in Source always/now.

Anonymous said...

More posts!